Acquire new customers by offering #LipaPolePole flexible payments option

Our software allows your business to offer a Lipa Pole Pole payment option to your customers and manage flexible payments efficiently and seamlessly.

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Quickly adopt and automate #LipaPolePole payments

As easy as plug and play! Take control with a platform built specifically to see you thrive. Our solution is fully white-label, meaning, your customers directly interact and experience your brand fully.

One-click online or in-store booking

It's lightning-fast to get your customers started whether they are shopping online on your website or in-store in your physical location.

Automatically accept and monitor flexible payments

Accept and monitor flexible payments from your customers conveniently through M-Pesa, card or bank. Balances reflect automatically, no need for manual follow-ups.

No third parties, receive payments directly

Get paid directly to your M-Pesa paybill while still maintaining full payment process automation and tracking on our platform.

Automate payment confirmations

Offer an unmatched customer experience. Your customers receive instant payment notifications on email and SMS. No more manual payment confirmations every time a customer pays.

Reporting and analytics

Get actionable insights into every aspect of your business process in a click, so you can streamline your operations and make better, more informed decisions.

Before Lipa Mos Mos

A lot of paperwork and tedious spreadsheets
Disjointed payment process that makes it hard to track all your customer payments
Manual invoicing, receipts and payment statements
Internal data disorganisation

After Lipa Mos Mos

Easily access and generate customer, payments and product reports
Streamline all your payments made through M-Pesa, card, bank transfer, cash and cheque
Automatic invoice and receipt generation with instant customer notifications via sms and email
Automated and detailed reports and analytics

Automate and streamline your #LipaPolePole process

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