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Is Kirkland Lake (KL) A Gold Stock To Buy Or Avoid This Month?

There’ve been as much as $6 billion in gold buyouts in the past month alone. One of the major gold stocks has managed to bring in some notoriety. With large buyouts comes a shifting future for the mining industry. This key gold stock has been making some big developments ahead of a potential sector move. 

One Of The Gold Stocks To Watch In December

gold stocks to buy sell Kirkland Lake Gold (KL)

Kirkland Lake Gold (KL Stock Report) is one of the leading gold stocks in the industry. The company recently showed just how big it was with a buyout offer for Detour Gold. It’s worth around $5 billion in shares of Kirkland.

For now, investors are still waiting to see if this will be a profitable investment or not. While this may not be a move solely made off of profit, it seems as though Kirkland Lake is working to build up some leverage for itself. 

The value of the buyout really comes into question only if gold is able to hit some higher prices. If not, it seems as though they could have some trouble deducing a higher amount of profit. Since last Tuesday, Kirkland Lake has posted an almost 9% gain. This is quite substantial compared to industry peers at a similar price level. Despite this, the money really comes down to what gold will do in the future. 

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With gold, the strategy usually tends to be long term and this is no exception. Many have stated that Kirkland Lake is a long haul buy, and one worth watching for the future. With short term gains not fully illustrating its future potential, the company remains an interesting gold stock to watch. As for expectations, the company looks like it is working on several other acquisitions. 

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