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This morning the price of gold and most gold stocks for that matter shot higher. The latest news on the government stimulus and increasing cases of coronavirus seem to have weighed on investors. In typical fashion, the flock to safe-haven assets is back in the spotlight. Overnight, gold futures climbed and sit firmly above $1,600. Major gold ETFs like the VanEck Miners (GDX) and Junior Miners (GDXJ) have also popped during early morning trading on April 2.

[Special Report] Now Is The Time To Buy Junior Gold Stocks

While it’s been a turbulent period for gold stocks over recent weeks, the overall trend remains the same. On top of that, the economic foundation supporting a continued flight to gold has grown stronger as well. Last month we saw the price of gold jump to 7-year highs of more than $1,700 an ounce. After the mid-month shakeout, gold has finally found footing well-above its $1,450 “mental support” level so many analysts have set. So is now the best time to start buying gold stocks?

Gold Stocks To Watch

There’s been a long-term track record of success with gold as a store of value. This has been especially true during times of extreme, economic uncertainty. Back in 2008/2009 we saw the market go through one of its worst financial crises in history and the sector whose stock outperformed was gold and mining.

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Over the last few years, concerns have been brewing. First, it was the China trade war, then a fight over oil production, and now we’ve got the coronavirus halting most major industries. After the mass-selloff in March, it seems like gold stocks have steadily begun to reclaim some of their previous gains.

Barrick Gold stock (GOLD) has bounced back from lows of under $13 to highs above $20. Meanwhile, another leading miner, Newmont Corp. (NEM) has managed to recoup much of its 2020 gains. Earlier in the year, Newmont gold stock reached highs of $52.50. During the mid-March selloff, shares dipped as low as $33.

But since that time, NEM stock has broken back above $45/share. Compared to many of the larger gold stocks including ones line Franco-Nevada (FNV), Newmont has demonstrated relative strength. Where Newmont has started to approach previous support levels, Franco-Nevada has simply traded in a tight channel between $98 and $106.

If Gold Rallies, Junior Miners Could Be The Best Option

All the same, if gold prices are truly set to soar, then junior mining stocks may be the best bet. Companies like Yamana Gold (AUY) and B2Gold (BTG) have made strides amid the economic uncertainty stemming from the coronavirus. While others like IMC International Mining (IMIMF) have actually managed to build upon its assets in completing a recent acquisition. In this sense, it’s important to point out that most gold companies have paused operations.

IMC International, however, has not only pushed forward, but it also went on the close a massive deal. This morning the company announced that it formally closed the acquisition of Thane Minerals in British Columbia. In connection with the completion of the Acquisition, Mr. Thomas Greg Hawkins has been appointed as a Director and Chairman of the Board of IMC. His experience spans decades and his ventures collectively have accounted for over $2.1 billion in market cap at the companies’ respective peaks.

As far as which gold stocks to watch, early-stage exploration and development companies have typically been some of the top performers during times of gold rallies. And while they can be higher risk, the upside potential is greater simply due to the rising tide boosting momentum. The Street said it perfectly in an article, “the juniors tend to be more volatile than the majors, jumping faster in rallies, and falling further in routs. Now that gold prices seem to be on the march higher we can expect juniors to race ahead of the major gold stocks.”

[Special Report] Now Is The Time To Buy Junior Gold Stocks

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