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In the last year mining stocks have had phenomenal performance. Most types of mining assets have brought gains to investors. Gold and silver for example, saw exponential growth throughout 2020. But both gold stocks and silver stocks have pulled back in 2021. This comes as prices for the metals have pulled back as well. This is happening for a couple reasons. First of all, COVID cases are rapidly declining in the United States as vaccines are distributed in every state. As a result, reopening is becoming the new normal in every state. This includes Texas which just fully opened the state with no restrictions, despite criticism from many including President Biden. Gold stocks and silver stocks usually go up in value when the economy is hurt and the dollar is slipping.

So when it looks like the economy could be pushing towards recovery faster, it can hurt the price of these metal assets. But even during a time like this, there are plenty of mining stocks that are performing well in the market. So how do you know which mining stocks are the best to watch? Well, there are a few things to look out for when investing. The first of which is the current volume of a stock. For example, if a stock is moving up but its volume is lower, it could potentially suggest it will go back down. Staying up to date with the latest news in the sector also is very essential when investing in the market. Things like financial results, mine updates, sector news, world news, and more all affect the direct these assets move. Now let’s look at some mining stocks to watch before March 2021 comes to an end.

Mining Stocks To Buy Or Sell

  1. B2Gold Corp. (NYSE: BTG)
  2. Vale S.A. (NYSE: VALE)
  3. AngloGold Ashanti Limited (NYSE: AU)
  4. McEwen Mining Inc. (NYSE: MUX)

B2Gold Corp.

gold stocks to watch B2Gold Corp (BTG)

First up on this list of mining stocks comes B2Gold Corp. B2Gold is a gold producer that operates mines. It currently runs mines in Mali, the Philippines and Namibia. The company operates the Fekola mine, Masbate Mine, and the Otjikoto Mine. B2Gold also holds 81% interest in the Kiaka Project in Burkina Faso. In addition to these properties it has a portfolio of other evaluation and exploration assets. Let’s check out its March 2021 performance before the month ends.

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Back in February the company reported its fourth quarter and full year results. B2Gold achieved annual record for gold production, gold revenue, and operating cash flow. Its 2021 first quarter dividend will be 4 cents per share. As for 2021, the company stated, “The Company is focused on upgrading and expanding the existing saprolite resources at the Anaconda area in Mali (located 20 kilometres north of Fekola), with an updated Mineral Resource estimate expected in the first quarter of 2021, which will feed into engineering studies currently underway.” That is the latest from B2Gold Corp.

Vale S.A.

Now let’s talk about Vale S.A. Vale is a mining company thatproduces and sells iron ore and iron ore pellets for use as raw materials in such processes as steelmaking. Vale operates in three different markets, being Ferrous Minerals, Base Metals, and Coal mining. Some of the materials it produces is gold, silver, copper, cobalt, manganese, and more. It additionally offers platinum group metals. Let’s see how Vale is performing before March 2021 closes out.

The company reported its fourth quarter 2020 adjusted earnings recently. This caused shares of VALE stock to go up 4% since the report. Its adjusted earnings were $1.09 per share. Vale’s minerals business was helped out by a 17% increase in iron ore prices and 26% higher sales volumes. Its net operating revenue went up 48% year over year as well. This is why Vale has been able to perform so well in the market recently.

AngloGold Ashanti Limited

gold stocks to buy AngloGold Ashanti (AU)

The next mining stock to watch is AngloGold Ashanti Limited. AngloGold Ashanti is a gold mining company that produces gold, silver, uranium, and sulpheric acid. The company currently operates 14 mines and three projects, located in nine countries around the world. This includes the America’s, South Africa, Continental Africa, and Australia. So how is this company performing in 2021 so far?

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Its latest update comes from February 22nd, 2021 when it released its fourth quarter 2020 results. The CEO of the company, Christine Ramon said, “The financial performance of the business was especially strong, highlighting our full exposure to a buoyant gold price. Margins were up strongly, and we produced a little over 3 million ounces. We generated $1 billion in headline earnings, around 3 times the level last year.” Some of its margins fell year over year, while others increased. In the last year AU stock has gone from $14 a share to nearly $23 a share as of March 15th, 2021.

McEwen Mining Inc.

The final mining stock to watch is McEwen Mining Inc. McEwen Mining is a company that will explore for, develop, produce, and sell various resources. These resources include silver, gold, and copper among others. It owns 100% interest in the El Gallo project, Fenix project, Black Fox mine, and plenty more. It operates properties in Mexico, Canada, Argentina, and the United States. Let’s dive right into its recent results as of March 2021.

McEwen just released its 2021 outlook and 2020 results on March 11th, 2021. The Chairman and CEO of the company Rob McEwen had this to say, “Our recent financings in late 2020 and early 2021 were met with huge market demand and more importantly have supplied us with adequate funds for our key development projects and exploration programs in 2021. We currently have liquid assets of $49 million! Finally, we extended the maturity date of our debt from August 2021 to August 2023, with a supportive lending partner.”

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