Top Gold Stocks To Buy Or Sell

One of the largest growing sectors of the last year is gold stocks. This all started when the pandemic took over and put the stock market in a state of disarray. Investors turned to gold when the economy entered a harsh state. Now in 2021, the market for gold stocks continues to grow. Gold stocks started the year off strong but then saw some pullback.

Part of the reason mining stocks are pulling back has to do with the pandemic. COVID-19 cases are rapidly falling in America at the moment. This has to do with the large amount of vaccine distribution that is going on. There are complications with this distribution though. For example, The J&J vaccine was just pulled off of the market indefinitely due to a handful of patients developing blood clots. While this will slow vaccine distribution, it won’t really stop the hardcore momentum.

This has to do with gold stocks as gold prices may fall once the economy recovers. The more we get closer to normal, the worse it could be for gold. These assets can often be volatile due to the state of the world at the moment. Gold stocks are increasing their market share significantly in 2021. This yellow metal has shown its true value to investors. It is important to know what gold stocks you are investing in. Check the recent advancements, gold prices, volume, and more to determine if a gold stock is right for you. Things can get confusing in the market, so we have compiled a list of some top gold stocks to watch in April 2021.

Top Gold Stocks To Buy Or Sell

  1. Vista Gold Corp. (NYSE: VGZ)
  2. Kinross Gold Corporation (NYSE: KGC)
  3. Gold Fields Limited (NYSE: GFI)

Vista Gold Corp.

gold stocks to buy sell Vista Gold (VGZ)

This first gold company has released a lot of positive news recently. Vista is a mining corporation that engages in a variety of activities. The company will evaluate, acquire, explore, and advance various gold exploration and development projects. The largest amount of its assets are located in Australia. Its main project is the Mt Todd gold project owned 100% by the company. Let’s take a look at what this company has been up to recently in the market.

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On March 24th, Vista Gold Corp. announced a mineralized intercept 500 meters north of the Batman Deposit and provided exploration program updates. The President and CEO of the company Frederick H. Earnest, “Hole VB21-002 validated our belief that mineralization along the structurally-controlled Batman-Driffield Trend is more continuous and widely occurring than previously thought. This hole also provided important initial geology and mineralization information in an area previously undrilled at depth.”

In addition to this, the company had high performance throughout 2020. It executed and delivered on all of its initiatives to strengthen its balance sheet. In the last year, VGZ stock has gone up significantly. This gold penny stock has had its ups and downs in the market. If gold prices move up or Vista reports new positive information, it could cause gold stocks to jump.

Kinross Gold Corporation

If you’ve been investing in cheap gold stocks, you certainly heard of this company as well. If you haven’t heard of it, let’s give you some details. Kinross Gold is a mining company which explores for land, acquires land, and develops gold assets on its properties. It operates in the United States, Canada, Russia, and more. The company extracts and processes gold ores, then produces and sells the precious minerals. So why is Kinross performing so well at the moment?

Hype is building up for KGC stock right now. On April 6th, the company announced that it will release its first quarter 2021 results on May 11th, 2021. These financial and operating results will be released after market close via conference call. In April, KGC stock has gone up 4.22% already. Since we are not super close to the release date of these results, it is no surprise that KGC stock is lacking a little bit in the market right now.

Gold Fields Limited

gold stocks to watch Gold Fields (GFI)

The final company that we will discuss on this gold stock list is Gold Fields Limited. Gold Fields is a gold company that offers and produces a diverse set of resources and reserves. Gold Field’s assets are in Chile, South Africa, Australia, Ghana, and Peru.

The company presently has 9 operating mines with an annual gold equivalent production of 2.2 million ounces. Furthermore, the company had gold mineral reserves of about 51.3 million ounces and mineral resources of 115.7 million ounces as of 2019. So why does this company have positive momentum at the moment?

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On March 31st, the company published its 2020 integrated annual report. As of 2020 now, the company has gold equivalent mineral reserves of 52.1 million ounces, and mineral resources of 116 million ounces. This means that its numbers have increased year over year. This was very good for Gold Fields. GFI stock volume is lower than average but not by a crazy amount like some other gold stocks. In one year, GFI stock has returned lots of money to investors.

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