Top Mining Stocks To Watch

2021 has been quite an interesting year for the stock market, including mining stocks. Mining stocks took off in 2020 for a couple of reasons. The main reason was the pandemic causing the economy to crash. This caused metals like gold and silver to perform extremely well in the market. Because of this, many investors turned to gold stocks and silver stocks during these times. And for many, this was a very profitable route in the mining stock niche.

But what many do not realize is that there are many other profitable types of mining stocks as well. One sector that has performed very well in the market recently are lithium stocks. Lithium stocks have seen positive performance because of the growth of the electric vehicle industry. Copper stocks have seen improved numbers amid economic recovery. With industrial companies being able to operate to the fullest now, the metal is being used a lot more. Copper is also one of the main components used in electric vehicles.

There are also steel, uranium, lead, diamond, and many other types of materials mined for by these companies. It can be difficult to keep track of the latest which is why it is important to stay up to date when investing. Looking at company specific news, world news, and sector news is all essential when investing. This can help you stay in the know as to what is going on in the market for these stocks. With that being said, let’s look at three mining stocks performing well at the moment.

Top Mining Stocks To Watch

  1. Livent Corporation (NYSE: LTHM)
  2. Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE: UEC)
  3. Vista Gold Corp. (NYSE: VGZ)

Livent Corporation (NYSE: LTHM)

Livent Corporation is a lithium stock engaging in the manufacturing and selling of lithium ion batteries. It also deals in specialty polymer and chemical synthesis applications. Livent actively operates out of North America, Latin America, Europe, and more. It offers lithium compounds to be used for a variety of purposes as well. This is another high performing lithium company that has seen a lot of momentum in the last year. So what is LTHM stock up to this month?

On June 10th the company announced the pricing of its 13,000,000 share public offering. This public offering of common stock will be at $17.50 per share with a 30-day option to purchase up to an additional 1,950,000 shares. LTHM stock has not gone up since the announcement was made, but in the long term Livent is performing well in the market. In the last month this stock saw a significant rally and then fell back down. Now it seems like LTHM stock could be going back up in mid-June. So will LTHM make your list of mining stocks to watch this week?

Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE: UEC)

Uranium Energy Corporation is a mining stock that explores, extracts, and processes uranium and titanium concentrates. It operates out of the United States, Canada, and Paraguay. Currently Uranium Energy Corp. has interest in the Palangana mine, Goliad, Burke Hollow, Longhorn, and Salvo projects. These projects are located in Texas, Arizona, Corlorado, Wyoming, Canada, and Paraguay.

On June 9th the company filed its fiscal 2021 third quarter report. Since the report was released, UEC stock price has gone back down. Now it seems like UEC stock is back on the rise with some nice increases on June 15th. On May 20th the company increased its physical and equity uranium holdings as well. At the start of 2021 this mining penny stock was at $1.80 per share on average. Now UEC stock has reached above $3.20 per share on average. With this in mind, will Uranium Energy Corp. make it on to your list of mining penny stocks to watch?

Vista Gold Corp. (NYSE: VGZ)

Vista Gold Corp. is a mining stock that engages in a variety of operations. The company evaluates, acquires, explores, and advance various gold exploration and development projects. The largest amount of its assets are located in Australia. Its main project is the Mt Todd gold project owned 100% by the company. So what has Vista Gold been up to recently that is making it move up in the market?

On June 14th Vista Gold Corp. announced that the final major authorization for Mt. Todd Project has been approved. The President and CEO Frederick H. Earnest said, “The approval of the MMP is a landmark achievement for Vista, its shareholders and the Northern Territory. We believe the approval of the MMP distinguishes Mt Todd as an attractive, de-risked, and partner-ready development-stage gold project highlighted by a large-scale production design, low expected operating costs, mining friendly jurisdiction, substantial existing infrastructure, strong social and government support, and all major authorizations in hand.”

Since this announcement was made, VGZ stock has increased from $1.18 per share to more than $1.35 per share on average. This means that VGZ has reached its highest point of 2021. With this in mind, is VGZ a contender for your mining stock watchlist?

Mining Stocks Overview

As mining stocks progress in the market, it can be difficult to keep track of which are the best for you. Those with a higher volume or recent positive news are often good picks when investing in mining stocks. This market could change drastically as the world reopens, but only time will tell. So which companies will make your list?

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