A new month has arrived, will these mining stocks go up?

Last month was an interesting one for mining stocks. Many corporations released their second-quarter financial and operational results in July. This type of news release can often be a make or break for a mining stock. Mining stocks have exploded in popularity in the last year and a half. Investors placed their focus on mining stocks after the economy crashed in early 2020. Throughout history, this trend has been similar, such as during the recession. The reason is that many of these materials are physical assets, and often perform better than the dollar during harsh economic times.

In 2021 this momentum has continued, carrying many mining assets to stardom. Despite a pullback in the price of some materials, the sector is still performing well. There are a lot of different mining stocks that you could watch. Most often, investors will place their focus on gold stocks and silver stocks. What many do not realize is, there are plenty of other profitable mining stock sectors.

Lithium stocks have pulled ahead in recent times because of the growth of the electric vehicle market. EVs use lithium-ion batteries in most production vehicles. The demand for lithium is growing each year with the demand for EVs. Copper stocks are performing well at the moment because hundreds of pounds of the metal are used in EVs as well. Other well-performing mining stock sectors include uranium, steel, iron ore, and lead. Let’s take a look at three mining stocks to keep your eye on in August.

Top Mining Stocks To Watch

  1. Gerdau S.A. (NYSE: GGB)
  2. Livent Corporation (NYSE: LTHM)
  3. Alcoa Corporation (NYSE: AA)

Gerdau S.A. (NYSE: GGB)

Gerdau S.A. is basic materials mining stock that offers steel products and services in both the United States and Canada. Gerdau additionally operates out of Brazil. It offers semi-finished products like billets, blooms, and slabs. Gerdau S.A. also produces long-rolled products like wire rods, rebars, and other metal products.

On July 14th, the company announced that it is bringing its Sales Acceleration Program to North America. The Senior Manager for Innovation at Gerdau Next, Fernanda Ribero Bordin said, “Gerdau is an incredibly innovative company in its own right. Yet we know we have to collaborate with smart and sustainable startups to stay competitive in our dynamic markets. We believe working with startups makes us more innovative and resilient, and a better partner to our suppliers and customers. We have designed this accelerator to provide optimal support for the best startups as they grow their businesses and realize revenue in our exciting ecosystem.”

GGB stock’s growth in the last year has been tremendous. The company has gone up a lot in value as the demand for steel has grown. In fact, GGB was a mining penny stock and now it is not since it has passed the $5 per share threshold. With this in mind, will GGB make your list of mining stocks to watch?

Livent Corporation (NYSE: LTHM)

Livent Corporation is a mining stock that produces and sells lithium batteries. The company also sells polymer and chemical synthesis applications as well. It operates in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. Livent offers lithium compounds for use in applications like lithium hydroxide for potteries as well.

On June 30th, the company released its 2020 sustainability report. President and CEO Paul Graves said, “Despite the difficulties of the global pandemic, we made significant strides to advance our sustainability strategy and program, including setting bold new goals and improving our ESG performance and reporting in key areas. Our ongoing efforts are underpinned by the belief that the responsibility to operate in a safe, ethical, socially conscious and sustainable manner is a fundamental obligation of our right to operate – and essential for the viability of our business.”

Now Livent plans on releasing its second-quarter 2021 earnings on Thursday, August 5th. Keeping this in mind, could LTHM stock make your watchlist in August?

Alcoa Corporation (NYSE: AA)

Alcoa Corporation is a company that produces and sells bauxite, alumina, and aluminum products. Its products are sold in the USA, Spain, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and more. Alcoa mines bauxite, and processes the mineral into alumina. It smelts aluminum, casts it, and rolls it as well. The company also has hydro and coal generation technology that produces and sells electricity via wholesale. This is purchased by traders, industrial consumers, distribution companies, and more.

On July 15th, Alcoa released its second-quarter 2021 financial results. The company set a record for the highest quarterly net income and earnings per share in its history. Its record net income was $309 million, and its earnings per share was $1.63.

Alcoa’s President and CEO Roy Harvey said, “Across our Company, we have been working relentlessly to ensure that Alcoa is successful through all market cycles, and this steadfast resilience and consistent performance has allowed us to capture the benefits from strong aluminum pricing and improved customer demand.” Will you add AA stock to your mining watchlist in August?

Mining Stocks To Buy This Month?

There is a lot of mining companies releasing new financial results and operational results this month. These are the companies that investors should look out for, as advancements in this front could potentially cause upticks in the market. For now, which companies will make your list of mining stocks to watch?

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