These mining stocks just released their second quarter results; which will go up?

There are many types of mining stocks to watch in the market. When people think of mining stocks, often they will think of traditional ones like gold and silver. Gold stocks and silver stocks offer a way to invest in metals without holding the assets physically. These stocks have seen a lot of positive performance in the last year and a half. For example, gold and silver both reached new record prices in 2020 as a result of the pandemic.

But gold and silver stocks are not the only mining sectors that are performing well. Another high performing mining sector is that of lithium stocks. Lithium stocks perform well in the market due to the increased demand for lithium-ion batteries. Copper stocks are performing well too as the demand for the metal goes up. Hundreds of pounds of copper are used in an electric vehicle, so often this sector will go up with the EV sector.

Other mining sectors include uranium, iron ore, coal, and lead among others. It can often be difficult to know which mining sector is the best to invest in. That is why taking a look at the latest news can be very useful. Company news shows what a mining stock is up to, and sector news shows broader things that may impact a company. Let’s now look at three mining stocks that could potentially make your watchlist in 2021.

Top Mining Stocks To Watch

  1. Royal Gold Inc. (NASDAQ: RGLD)
  2. Franco-Nevada Corporation (NYSE: FNV)
  3. Kinross Gold Corporation (NYSE: KGC)

Royal Gold Inc. (NASDAQ: RGLD)

Royal Gold Inc. is a mining company that acquires and manages royalties, metal streams, and other related companies. The company acquires a royalty interest or stream and finance projects for stream or royalty interests. The resources looked for by the company are gold, silver, copper, zinc, nickel, lead, and cobalt.

On August 11th, Royal Gold reported its second quarter results for 2021. The company’s revenue grew 23% year over year during the second quarter. Royal’s operating cash flor and earnings grew 19% and 52% respectively as well.

The CEO of the company, Bill Heissenbuttel said, “Not only did we produce record financial results, but we also achieved several significant strategic goals in fiscal 2021.” This positive performance is great for the company. Keeping this in mind, will RGLD make your list of mining stocks to watch?

Franco-Nevada Corporation (NYSE: FNV)

Franco-Nevada Corporation is a royalty and stream based mining stock. The company focuses on gold but also works with silver and platinum group metals. Furthermore Franco-Nevada works with gas and energy comprising oil too. Its main segments are energy and mining.

On August 11th, the company reported its financial results for the second quarter of 2021. The company’s President and CEO, Paul Brink said, “Franco-Nevada is on track to achieve record results in 2021, thanks to both organic growth and the acquisitions completed in the first half of the year. The diversified portfolio performed well in the second quarter and, with the first Vale Royalty Debenture contribution, delivered record GEOs, revenue, Adjusted EBITDA and Adjusted Net Income.” The company now has no debt and $1.4 billion available in capital. Will you add FNV to your mining stock watchlist?

Kinross Gold Corporation (NYSE: KGC)

Kinross Gold Corporation is a mining company that actively explores for land, acquires it, and develops gold properties on said land. It operates its business in the United States, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Ghana, and Mauritania. Kinross extracts and processes gold ore to produce and sell it afterwards.

On July 28th, Kinross reported its second quarter results for 2021. The President and CEO of the company, J. Paul Rollinson said, “During the second quarter, Kinross continued to generate robust free cash flow, which more than doubled compared with the previous quarter. Our excellent free cash flow, as well as the strength of our investment grade balance sheet and growing production profile, underpin today’s announcement of a share buyback program and our continuing quarterly dividend, which supports our commitment to enhance shareholder value.” Keeping this new information in mind, will KGC make your list of mining stocks to watch?

Top Mining Stocks To Buy?

It can be difficult to decide which mining stocks are the best to buy. Sometimes a company can report positive financial results and still move down in the market. The world is in a state of volatility right now, and nobody knows what is going to happen. For now, which mining stocks will enter your watchlist?

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